She’s Practically a Tweenager.

It was pouring rain at school pick up time this afternoon, so I walked to the classroom to meet my daughter with an umbrella in hand. She ran over to me with her much too full backpack and big, puffy jacket zipped up to her chin.

She handed me her backpack and I said “Give mama a kiss. I’ve missed you all day!”

I bent down a bit and kissed her little chapped lips.

She put her head down quickly and then asked me to come closer to her. The rain fell down around us as she begin to whisper.

“Mom. Next time you kiss me at school, it’s important that you kiss me on the cheek, NOT on the lips.”

She may as well have kicked me in the chin, super hard because ouch.

“Why?” I asked. “Why can’t I kiss you on the lips when we’re at school?”

“Because, it’s super embarrassing. It’s okay at home, just not at school.”

It was just a few weeks ago that she informed me that she no longer wanted to be called Gabby because Gabby is for babies. Oh

, and also? Could she please start calling me mom instead of Mommy? Because she’s not a baby anymore! Oh and could I please stop calling her princess because, again, for babies.

She’s growing. She’s changing. She’s maturing. She’s blossoming. She’s becoming a little lady.

And I love it because it’s wonderful.

And I hate it because it’s heart crushing.

6 thoughts on “She’s Practically a Tweenager.

  1. Suzy Q

    I so love her confidence! And that confidence in herself was given and nurtured by you, your husband, and her brothers. What a gift.

  2. Jessica

    My eight year old son started calling us “mom” and “dad” last week instead of “mommy” and “daddy”. I feel your joy and your pain. :-/

  3. Roxanna

    The hits just come so hard and fast! My sons are 13 and 11 and I feel like I just barely adjust when the next thing (junior high for son #2 in the fall!!) comes along. It’s wonderful and fantastic all at the same time.

  4. Michelle

    She’s so beautiful! I cannot believe how grown up she’s getting to be. I’ve been reading here for years and I love getting to watch your wonderful children grow up.

  5. Jakki

    Oh but she’s beautiful! Dont worry…that only last for a few years and before you know it…she’ll be back to normal and wanting all the affection in the world!

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