The Letter That Melted My (Bitter) Heart

I’ve been down for the past few days. And I’ll admit, I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself.  Last week was rough for many reasons. And to add to the frustration

, on Wednesday I injured my knee pretty badly. I’m currently unable to walk without crutches (or jumping/limping around the house) and on a variety of medications/pain killers. The doctor said it will be at least 4-6 weeks before I can even think about working out again. 

I feel defeated and I can’t seem to find Joy in the days.

Last night  I limped into my daughter’s room to put something away. I noticed an open envelope sitting on her dresser. I opened it up and what I found inside made me cry.



Also inside was a beautiful photo she had drawn and money from her piggy bank.

I am proud of my daughter for her thoughtfulness and I am grateful to have raised a little person with a big heart

, who desires to help others. 

I’ve been too focused on self, on my own problems and no good ever comes from living that way. I think it’s time to snap out of my selfish pity party and follow my daughter’s example.

I plan to add some of my own money and mail the letter tomorrow.

16 thoughts on “The Letter That Melted My (Bitter) Heart

    1. Y Post author

      Thank you, Sue. She can be a handful at times, but at her core? She is kind and thoughtful. I love her so.

  1. Susan

    How sweet and thoughtful. You are raising a wonderful daughter. She is beautiful too, just like her mom!

  2. Ann Can2

    She has a real heart for helping others. That is one of the most important things we can teach our children- caring for others. . She must have learned that by example.

  3. mommabird2345

    You have a very sweet girl! The love she shows others, shows how much love she receives. Wishing your family a lovely Thanksgiving.

  4. Norma

    Oh my gosh that is so sweet! What a great job you are doing raising such a big-hearted, thoughtful daughter. Take care of yourself.

  5. Jill

    Oh! Brought tears to my eyes. What a kind soul she is. Glad you shared this and have a copy of the letter so she can see herself when she gets older.
    Reminds me of that passage, “…and a little child shall lead them.”

    Whatever you can’t do right now (meaning w/ the bum knee), take delight in knowing you are raising one special little person. The world needs more like her.

    Happy Thanksgiving and get well soon.

  6. Michelle

    What a sweet, wonderful daughter you are raising. Well, all your kids really. I hope you are feeling better soon! Take care.

  7. Hilary

    She is a beautiful child, inside and out. And, the reason she is that way is because she has had two amazing parents as an example, always remember that. <3

  8. Michael Smith

    Continued: I put the phone down to try and sleep, but I couldn’t. So I picked up the phone and decided that your feelings were far to important to wait a second longer. I don’t know how someone so
    young can verbally
    comprehend and express
    their thoughts and plans
    well enough to write
    someone a letter like you
    did, I needed to
    immediately tell you that
    in this day and time with
    everything that’s going on
    to distract people young
    and old (society),
    somehow you’re listening
    to the right people,
    person, teacher I don’t
    know. I want you to keep
    the frame of mind you
    have right now and keep it
    with you for the rest of
    your life.

  9. Michael Smith

    The above or below post by Michael Smith was somehow deleted. So I’ll try again. Dear Gabriella, I think your Mom knows my daughter Dayna S. Somehow I read how you wanted to help people with Cancer and other illnesses, so you decided to write a letter saying you wanted to help that brought tears to my eyes. I couldn’t believe someone so young could express themselves so well and so sincerely.

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