She is Rich

I often wonder how my job loss has affected my daughter. She’s had to give up things that she loves (like gymnastics) because there just isn’t any money. I feel like a failure and wonder if she’s upset with me for having put our family in this position.

And then today I found this paper in her homework folder. My fears have been put to rest and I no longer have to wonder.

She believes she is rich because she has a family.


5 thoughts on “She is Rich

  1. jadine

    She’s absolutely right. Goes to show that you’re doing a good job. Aside: my laptop died and a bunch of life happened (none of it good), and I lost my bookmarks for my regular sites. I remembered you the other day, and I’m back now. Lucky you 🙂 My point – supportive vibes to you from me.

  2. Kristin

    My daughter is not even a year old, but I hope she grows up as sweet as Gabby. You are all rich indeed.

  3. Jessica

    I have read your blog for probably 7 years and have traveled with you through some spectacularly difficult patches and some glorious joyous times. The crappy rental house with the falling off cabinet doors and you ended up camped out at your parent’s house. The neck injury. The weight loss. The thyroid failure. Your husband maybe getting laid off (never figured out exactly how that played out but you guys ended up ok.) The weight gain. The track suit you wore everyday because you refused to buy bigger clothes. The weight loss – the discovery of your own inner boot camp bad ass (will never forget the picture of you doing a handstand.) Your eldest child leaving the nest and how handsome he looked in uniform. How much it broke your heart. Your move to the new house. The questions you ask of yourself all the time: am I a good enough mom? Am I a good enough writer? Can I follow my dream of being photographer? Will I ever have a relationship with God and what might it look like? Am I ever going to feel beautiful and healthy and whole? I will NOT let you go through all that with so much heart, so much courage, so much humility and have this current employment situation tear your self esteem apart. Freakin’ employers – who knows why they do what they do – why they hire (or don’t hire) people – why they downsize this person but not that person – why some people in this world seem to waltz through their work life with fun, easy jobs that pay really wonderful salaries and others work like dogs and never feel financially secure. But the bottom line is that you are smart and hardworking and talented and someone will figure this out and you will be employed again. And guess what, your blog readers all know this about you and so does your daughter. Hang tough. You have more support than you might realize.

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