Reason # 7 on a list of 100 why I don’t want another baby.

This morning on the way to school, Andrew says, all non chalantly, “Mom, we have to do a book report tonight.”
There are several things wrong with that statement.
The first one would be the use of the word “we”. It is not my book report, for I am not the one in 5th grade.
The second would be, he’s telling me THE NIGHT BEFORE the report is due. They are given at least a months notice before a report is due and he tells me the night before.
“Have you even read a book?” I asked.
uh, no?” he replied.
At this point in the conversation, I had to close my mouth and count to 40 in my head in order to fight the temptation to throw the car in park right in the middle of the street and go all “mommy dearest” on him.
While counting to 40, I realised that Andrew is just like me when I was in school. I did that every freakin time a report was due, and my mother would always save me. She’d stay up all night, typing a report for me, even if I hadn’t read that book.
Too bad for Andrew I’m nothing like my mom.
I think that she hurt me by doing that, as much as she thought she was helping. I never learned the consequences of not following through with something and because of that I tend to be quite irresponsible. Just ask the bill collectors.
In the past, I have rescued Andrew and pretty much did the reports for him the night before, but not this time. This time, he’s going to have to tell his teacher he fucked up, only instead of saying “teacher, I fucked up” he’ll say “I was irresponsible and I don’t have a report to turn in” and he’ll have to take whatever consequences come along with it.
He has to learn, he can’t continue to do this.
I don’t even want to think about what it’s going to be like when he’s in High School.
I better not be pregnant!!

2 thoughts on “Reason # 7 on a list of 100 why I don’t want another baby.

  1. theresa

    That’s exactly what my mom did to me in 5th grade. I used to wait till the night before to write any papers or do any projects, and my mom would end up staying up till 3am helping me or typing my paper for me while I slept. One night, I had a presentation and a paper due. She refused to help me with it or type it for me, and I was forced to go to school without a finished project. I was so embarassed because I was the only one that wasn’t done but guess what – I learned my lesson!

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