This sure does sound like one of those stupid acceptance speeches. So sad I forgot to thank “The big man upstairs”

I have the best friends.
First of all thank you to everyone who has offered to help fix my site. I appreciate it very much.
Sphinxy, I love you!! She has been putting up with my frantic, ignorant cries for help. I don’t know what I’d do without her.
And I have to thank my really hot friend who worked all night and all day to figure out how to get this fucking site running for now, Ma’nizzle, Michael!!! I am tempted to post all of the pictures I have of him, just so all of the ladies can drool at his hotness and I can say “yeah, he’s my friend, aren’t you jealous?” But I won’t, he might hate me.
Actually, knowing him, he’d love the attention.
But I still won’t do it, even though I’m very tempted.
God, how I’ve missed being able to post here, but thanks to Mac and Melly I was able to get my blogging fix while my site was down.
So much has change since I last posted here.
I am now carrying my third child. I still can’t believe it. I still can’t believe I’m going to have a little baby to love in about 8 months. It’s still very overwhelming, but with each day, it feels more and more “right”. I’m beginning to fall in love hard with this precious little baby forming inside of me, although I’m not so in love with the sickness that comes with it.
The excitement of everyone around me is contatious too. I can’t begin to express how happy everyone is to hear that I’m pregnant. It took me a little by surprise. I thought there would be a lot of people who expressed concern after all I’ve been through, but not one. Not even my mother. In fact, when I first told her, I was hysterical and I said “I can’t have a baby, mom, I’m crazy!” She paused and said “y, quit talking like that, you’re not crazy. You’re NOT! Infact, I believe this is God’s way of reassuring you that he loves you, that he doesn’t think you’re crazy and that he trusts you to raise and love another child.”
I believe her. I believe everything is going to be ok and that this baby is meant to be and that it will enrich our lives more than we can even imagine.
Now, we’re off to feed my pregnant ass some dinner.

27 thoughts on “This sure does sound like one of those stupid acceptance speeches. So sad I forgot to thank “The big man upstairs”

  1. buddha

    I’ve congratulated already at Mac’s..I’ll offically do it here at your crib.
    Congrats..mon frere!!!
    BTW..glad to have you back here at your own place..

  2. James McDone

    Congratulations to Yvonne for:
    1) Having your blog up and working, I missed you 🙂
    2) For having another baby. I hope your kids will help you out around the house now.

  3. mabel

    Many congratulations on your baby on the way!!!
    You’ll do alright.
    I love the quote photo you have in your earlier post too.

  4. Langus

    Big windstorm, power went out, then cable, no internet, came back, no Yvonne. Glad you are back.
    I think it is going to be a girl.

  5. Emmie

    That is COOL News, Im looking forward to reading some new preggie insights, Im pleased your site is up and running again, my morning coffee is just not the same without it!

  6. gojou

    Congratulations to you and Tony, Y. Eight months from now one lucky kid will enter the world.
    P.S. Missed ya. 🙂

  7. tj

    i’m with langus … i think its going to be a girl too. if its not … well … run. run far away. you, the lone girl in a house with 4 other guys? *shudder*
    congrats again. and w00t to your site being back up!

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