Thank God she’s a FIERCE BEYOTCH.

Last night I chatted a little bit with The Debster.
I’ve been crying ever since.
She just found out she has Leukemia. LEUKEMIA.
I can’t even imagine being hit with that kind of news of out NOWHERE. Me, being the psychotic wimp that I am, would not be rational or calm. Deb is SO NOT LIKE ME. She sounded strong and positive. She was in full on “I’m going to fight and WIN this battle” mode and I have no doubts she’ll do just that. But the thing that is killing me inside is that she can’t be with her daughter.
I think about it and I cry so hard for her. Again, I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like for her right now. Getting hit with such drastic news and being seperated from her daughter all at once. My God.
I promised her I’d try to make her laugh as often as possible, that I’d keep in constant touch with her and that I’ll help her in any way I can. She’s going to need support, emotional and financial and I have no doubts The Internet will come through for her. (The Internet ALWAYS comes through for it’s peoples.) I also told her that I will chop all of my hair off and have a wig made out of it so that she can wear my hair! Which, um, is probably kind of creepy and is the reason she just laughed and didn’t say things like “I would LOVE to wear your hair!”
Please, keep her in your thoughts and in your prayers. Also? Please, GO, try to make the woman laugh. Shower her with love and well wishes. She needs all the love, support and Funny she can get to help her beat some Cancer Ass.