32 thoughts on “Because I like to pretend that you care about my hair

  1. Pamalamadingdong

    I LIKE IT!
    I cut mine off really short a couple of months ago. And now? I look kind of dykey. And if I don’t DO IT EVERY FREAKING MORNING I look like :shudder: my MOTHER.

  2. Nina

    It looks good! Some days I wish I could get my hair really long again, and most days I just want to shave my head.

  3. becky

    looks nice. and i know the feeling – i just got NINE INCHES cut off of my hair last saturday. so far, i am loving it. but i know the dread – mine was long for 10 years.

  4. mary

    It looks cute but you would look SO good with a shoulder length cut.
    I heard once that really long or really short hair makes one look bigger.
    I finally cut mine recently because all I ever did with it was put it up.
    With the humidity we have, I can’t stand having it on my neck.
    You look so great~

  5. Anna

    Very flash. I love how the layers make it sit all bohemian-ey (gee had to get the dictionary out to spell that one!!). I personally think long hair is so much easier to have than short – Short hair must be styled everyday otherwise it looks like a boys hair cut -whereas long haired if not having a good hair day can just be tied up in a jaunty pony tail.
    Again – LURVE the hair

  6. Aly

    The layers look great Y. They add lots of shape – and also give your hair a new look when you want to tie it back. Great choice, hon.

  7. Edie

    I like it!
    I SHOULD cut my hair but I like it long. It looks like crap though because some kinda something is going on and my once rediculously thick hair is now very thin and getting thinner. There’s a fullness until about my shoulder blades and then it turns into wispy fuzz like stuff. I scrape big wads of hair from the carpet behind my computer chair all the time… er… maybe that means I spend too much time on the computer?
    ANYWAY… it’s beauuuuuuuuuuuut-ee-ful. You’re a lovely lady Y 🙂

  8. tonya cinnanom

    BIG HUGS !!!!!! my hair is so.long . i am a puss. but i love my hair to have hubby run his fingers through it . me to be able to reach back and grab it. or my boys trying to braid my hair or just holding it its a comfort thing with them and a sexy feeling with hubby.. plus look on the bright side.. you can swing that hair as you get your dance on ;0)
    hugs tonya
    ps. you still sexy mamma Y—- ^__^

  9. Elleana

    Lookin’ good!
    And check out that skinny woman in the mirror! And the cleavage, oh my god the cleavage!
    Lookin’ good for damn sure.

  10. wdc

    What’s up sexy mama!!! The hair looks fab. And, um yea…that skinny ass is showing off in the mirror too.

  11. Lisa O

    It looks awesome. I can see your trim figure in the mirror too and you look great!
    I joined WW for the umpteenth time yesterday and even went for a short walk today. You have inspired me to believe that I CAN lose this weight!
    So I am late in this comment but I would love to find out more about what candles you are selling along with the other ladies that posted a few days back. I love love love me some candles!

  12. Jessica

    I LOVE the hair. I have very long hair. Again. Finally. After our first child, I mistakenly got the idea that short hair would be easier to care for. HA! After several hair cuts, one of which nearly drove me to homicide of a near relative, I finally was able to just let it grow, it’s so much better. Alas, though, mine is naturally coarse and curly, and so will never have that sleek, gorgeous shine that yours does. I’m having some shine envy over her. Oh, and serious cleavage envy.

  13. Y

    Flipp-ay! I was such a coward. but, I do love it.
    Y’all? Thank you so much for the compliments.
    (but you have to trust me, objects in mirror appear smaller than they really are. TRUST ME.)

  14. stephanie

    Cutting my hair is always a huge deal for me too. I think it’s because I had LONG hair until I was 15 and so I sort of identify myself with having long hair, although I’ve cut it short several times since then. But, everytime I do I am SO nervous and it is this huge deal… I know hair grows back but my hair grows so damn slow that I’m never reassured by that.
    Anyway, enough about me… love your pretty, shiny, flowy hair. Very jealous. 🙂

  15. jenfromboston

    Y- it looks great! and now that I see you with layers around your face again (pic #1 gives that appearance of), only keep it long if that’s what you want. you’re a woman w/ options.
    And since when to mirrors and cameras make things appear smaller?? the expression is “the camera *adds* 10 pounds”…heh.

  16. Gina

    You are so pretty. Even if you never lost another pound, you will still be absolutely stunning.
    No, I wasn’t hitting on you. Sure sounded like it huh? Haha! You’re just an inspiration to me, and I appreciate that!! 🙂

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