Her shirt don’t lie

My sister bought G-Unit that shirt for her birthday. If you ask her “Who’s loca?”

She’ll point to her chest and say with a pretty lil’ grin “Lala’s Loo-ka.
Except for today. For TODAY when I asked her “who’s loca?” she threw herself back and screamed “Noooooo, mommy. DON’T DO THAT!” (And by “that” she meant “take another picture.”)
Oh, how I laughed because, “haha, she’s wearing a shirt that says LOCA and she’s acting all LOCA. That’s wild and LOCA!” But looking at the pictures “funny” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. “Someone needs a flippin’ nap” sure does, though.

14 thoughts on “Her shirt don’t lie

  1. steen

    School picture days are going to be hell for this little one, I can see this already.
    At her wedding, she’ll probably start foaming at the mouth while her head spins around in circles.

  2. Jennifer

    Oh. My. God. I love that shirt. I must have one.
    I also love the Shakira reference in the title. I don’t care if it was a remake of a song for Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, and that I am officially too old to like Shakira. I still love her and everything she does.

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