54 thoughts on “Attempt #1 to break free from The Writers Funk

  1. Itchy

    I had leftover Chef Boyardee Pizza that we made yesterday and added more pepperoni and cheese to. And by we I mean my husband…I don’t cook. Not even pizza from a box.

  2. Marmite Breath

    Dear Y,
    We’re over, biznitch.
    Love, The Internet
    PS) Tortilla soup is on my menu for Wednesday. It will be my first attempt at making it. And now I find out it comes in a can? This makes me happy.

  3. Carrisa

    Obviously someone needs that book… that no one cares what you had for lunch book or something.
    When you’re done reading it can you send it my way? My blog is in major suck mode.
    But on a related note. I made an AWESOME Chicken Corn Chowder yesterday and I ate with tortilla chips… so it’s kind of like tortilla soup. I think I’ll blog about it later. Soup rules!

  4. Cassie

    I had tortilla soup for lunch, too! Tell me — how was yours? I actually had mine from the cafeteria at work, but to hear that Campbell’s actually makes it — I’m IN on that.
    See — that post did some good, after all!!! 😉

  5. Me

    How much sodium is in it do you know?
    And no, the ‘net won’t dump you for posting about you lunch. We might dump you if you won’t dig in the trash and find the campbell’s label and tell us how much sodium/protein/carbs it contained, though.

  6. Me

    Addendum to earlier email:
    UNLESS- the sodium is so astronomically high that just hearing the number could cause a rise in blood pressure. If that is the case, I prefer to remain ignorant.
    have ya’ll had McAlister’s Deli’s Tortilla Soup? The bomb diggety!

  7. julianna

    I had home made mushroom soup with 4 kinds of mushrooms. I alo had a home made sir fry a few minutes ago, and a bag of popcorn and 2 reeses cups. (I like the way I degenerate as the minutes go by here at work). I sooooooo want a snickers.

  8. Suebob

    Excellent choice.
    I can’t read you at work. My work’s internet filter (Websense) puts you in the category “Tasteless.” Huh?

  9. girlplease

    well, we took the new hires to lunch today. let me rephrase that. take them to lunch means walk with them somewhere and everyone pays for their own.
    hummus + cucumber from cosi = $7.21. yes. seven fucking dollars for 2 ingrediants and all it did was give me gas.

  10. Edie

    I LOVE Campbells tortilla soup!
    As for me, I had chocolate cake. And spinach dip with Ruffles. And a great big diet Coke because ya know, I’m on a diet. *cough*

  11. Maria

    Came back to say hahahaha 29 comments on what you (and they) had for lunch. Apparently someone does care. Love you.

  12. Chachi

    Tortilla Soup….Thats my favorite novella evah! I love it when Miguel tells Manuela about his…….wait….you were talking about actual tortilla soup? Riveting! So…How was it?

  13. Me

    I’m watching my sodium intake. Partly because my mom died of a stroke/heart attack combo at age 55 and partly because I bought new shoes that are really cute as long as my Freaking Feet don’t SWELL.
    So, I’m limiting my sodium to under 1500 mg per day. So a can of soup that has say, 850 mg per serving is more than half my allowed daily allowance.
    Which then means I’m eating fruit and oatmeal for the rest of the day.

  14. Me

    Y, you have GOT to go to http://www.fitday.com
    I started this and I love it- its a weight loss tracker thingie, where you enter your food consumption and it tells you everything- how many vitamins you consumed, what percentage of minerals you still need, how many calories you’ve eaten.
    I stink at figuring it out from the back of the box/nutrition label, but since I started this, I’m really getting it together.
    Anyway, it works for me. I have to have something written down that I can look back at in order to feel motivated.
    Why don’t you review it for your next blog post? You could do a comparison/contrast between something like fitday and weight watchers (which I majorly stink at)

  15. Laura

    While not quite as riveting as a story about an aerobic dance lesson, Tortilla Soup can get my attention for sure.
    I’ll have to check and see if that’s WW friendly. I love soup!
    GIRLPLEASE: Oh man, that was like 10 cents per calorie for your lunch. If all food cost that much per calorie I would have lost weight a long time ago.

  16. Laura

    Also, I had a Gardenburger Veggie Riblet and a low sugar Tapioca.
    How do they make veggies taste like meat? Seriously, that thing was awesome. (not vegetarian, just doing WW and don’t want to spend the points for “real” meat)

  17. Y

    Can I tell you how much I love you guys for continuing to read this crap while I work through this writing funk??

  18. Laura

    How about you accept questions from your readers and find one that inspires you to write. Until you are funkless.
    My questions would be stuff like:
    When did you get your first kiss? Details….
    What obnoxious habits does your husband have and when he does gross stuff does he blame it on you?
    Have you ever left a public restroom with toilet paper hanging out of your clothing? (What?? Just me?)

  19. Me

    How about writing about:
    – Your dreams for your children (including descriptions of future spouses)
    – Random pictures of total strangers with weird captions
    – Your take on the upcoming Presidential Election with a REAL. INTERVIEW. with PASTOR DAD.
    – At least one story of racial or gender descrimination that you’ve faced and your take on it
    – Pictures of the inside of your house
    – the top 10 funniest moments in your life as a parent (all of Ethan’s funniest moments especially, because I think he’s a little clown in most of the pictures!)
    – the time you’ve had the most fun during “adult” time
    – Last but not least, a description of your mother in law. I’ve yet to hear anything about her, and I’m sure there’s LOTS of “inspiration” there.
    We’re here for you. Keep fakin’ it til you’re makin’ it!

  20. Cheryl in Missouri

    I’ve never had tortilla soup but it sounds good. I’ll look for it next time I’m at the store. Me – I’ve heard of http://www.fitday.com and even have it bookmarked but have never done anything with it. Thanks for posting your experience with it. Your post has motivated me to start using it cuz I don’t like figuring out stuff from the back of a box and I really need to get it together.

  21. Laura

    Oh man, I’m jealous of “Me”s ideas. I should have thought of the photo idea, I’m such a photo freak. I’m especially interested in the photos of strangers with weird captions idea………..Do that, do that………..

  22. kimblahg

    45 comments on tortilla soup. oops, make that 46. see, we love you even when you have writer’s block. and contrary to published reports, i do care what people have for lunch.

  23. Jen

    Yum, tortilla soup. Better then what I had, some frozen “sweet and sour chicken” that didn’t taste sweet, sour, or like chicken! I’m totally stealing me’s idea about posting pictures of strangers. I’d talk about my mother-in-law, but I have a birthday coming up in March and just wouldn’t have it done by then to celebrate!

  24. Maria

    I have to comment to bring your very, short lunch entry up to 50 comments. 😉 Love you.
    What did you have for lunch today.

  25. Les~

    I had the Tortilla Soup just a few min’s ago (I added cheese nip crackers to it) and it was goooood! I also had my mammogram this morning and that was a HUGE ouchy on my day! Mammo’s for everyone I say!!

  26. Y

    Me? I think the most comments I’ve ever had was on the post in which I introduced Gabby to The Internet.
    Charlie, GET YER OWN CRACKERS. 😉

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