Happy Girl. Happy Mama. Happy Halloween!

I wasn’t sure that G was going to be able to celebrate Halloween this year. It’s been a rough few days. But yesterday she showed huge signs of improvement. Last night, she asked if she could go to school today– she didn’t want to miss the costume parade/class party. I told her I’d make my decision in the morning.
She slept through the night for the first time in so many nights– Not a single coughing episode. And this morning when she woke up, she was happy and most importantly, cough free. My Mama Gut said she was fine to go to school and so I gave her the good news.
She smiled the biggest smile and hugged me tightly. Joy!
Of course, 20 minutes later it was all “MY HEAD ITCHES” and “DO I HAVE TO WEAR THIS HAT?” and “I HATE FRECKLES!”
But Oh My Justin Bieber (as G says), once I finished braiding and bobby pinning her 200 pounds of hair into that wig, she looked absolutely adorable.
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16 thoughts on “Happy Girl. Happy Mama. Happy Halloween!

  1. Denise

    I’m biased because I’ve always loved Strawberry Shortcake, but that’s the CUTEST costume everrrrr and she looks so adorable in it!

  2. Heather

    Love that she looks like a sweet little girl in her costumes. I saw far too many slutty animals at my children’s school costume parade–slutty cats, slutty leopards. I even saw a somewhat risque panda. It was frightening. The kids in their school are K-2nd grade!! Why can’t we just let our kids be cute and fuzzy in their costumes?

  3. Nancy R

    I’m stealing “Oh My Justin Beiber”.
    Did you see The Today Show on Friday? Natalie Morales dressed as Justin Beiber – she had his moves down, man.

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