Teach M(om)e How to Dougie

I was driving Andrew and his friend home from drama rehearsal. On a sidewalk of a busy street, there was a man wearing a Statue of Liberty costume, advertising a tax preparation service. I honked and did a little Upper Body Dance. Made the dude’s day, you guys.
My son turned to his friend and said “I’m sorry you had to see that.”
The both started laughing. I was all “Hey, that guy LOVED IT. Nothing wrong with my moves.”
That reminded my son of a story.
“Oh my God, Steven, want to hear the most embarrassing moment of my life?”
I expected him to tell a story about a time he tried to do a slick dance move in front of a girl and failed. Or something like that.
But, no.
“We were at Kam’s birthday party. All of my friends were trying to get Tyler to do The Dougie. One of my friends pulled his car up to the house, turned his radio on really loud and we all went outside to see if we could get Tyler to do it. Tyler refused to do it, but guess who went right into the middle of the circle and started trying to do it? MY MOM.. Everyone was laughing and cheering. Meanwhile, me and Ethan were standing there, mortified.”
My son’s most embarrassing moment of his life, brought to you by me, his mom.
I can’t figure out if this means I win or lose at parenting teenagers.
But I can’t lie, I feel like a winner.

23 thoughts on “Teach M(om)e How to Dougie

  1. Kerry

    You TOTALLY win! Mortifying your teenager is the one sure sign that you’re doing it right.

  2. kirsten

    I think winner. But, I also have to admit that I have no idea what the Dougie is. I think we need to see a video!
    I’m either too old, or too young…or maybe it’s because I grew up without cable? haha

  3. jessica b

    Y, i belive you WON!! there’s nothing more entertaining than doing something fun that completely embarasses our kids. I used to embarass easily. then i had my son. now, because I can embarass him so easily, i never get embarassed!!!

  4. Kristy

    WIN! You have also created what I am sure will later be one of their favorite memories of you. This is a story that will be passed on to the grandkids someday.

  5. Allyson/HBMomof2

    OMG! Total win IMO. That is hilarious. I hope I can provide those same moments in both my children’s lives. My hero!

  6. jess

    Ha ha ha! I don’t know what a dougie is (kids these days!) but I do know that if your teenager was laughing with you (or at you, but y’know… you were there so I’m pretty sure it still counts) about some wild n’ crazy thing you did to embarrass him? You totally win at parenting teenagers.
    I look to your example in the coming years. 🙂

  7. jules

    Thank God for the internet, cuz I didn’t know what “dougie” meant. As far as I’m concerned-the fact that you are up to speed with all of that means you’re WINNING!

  8. Cheryl

    Oh, you’re a winner! I don’t think Andrew is as embarrassed by your dougie as he says. I think he is quite proud of his mother.

  9. Tiffany

    Awesome! I teach 10th-12th graders, they think it is hilarious when I let them teach me how to Dougie…..teens keep us young : )

  10. Katie

    Winning, duh!
    (Thank you Charlie Sheen for my new favorite line…)
    My goal is to embarrass the hell out of my teenagers. Have to make up for all those public temper tantrums they threw as toddlers. 😉

  11. meemo

    Duh, winning. I love moments like those. And the older they get, the more fun to embarass. Bwahahaha, it’s payback for the times they’re pain in the ass teenagers.

  12. alimartell

    My 10-year-old tried to teach me to Dougie last weekend. after many many minutes, she says to me, “You are UNteachable.”
    You must teach me your ways! I want to mortify my children!

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