Pictures While You Wait for Answers.

Today is my one day a week off, so I’ll be heading out for some time with My Girl. I thought I’d post some of my (favorite) most recent pictures since there are some of you out there who actually enjoy my photos and have asked that I post more. (Which, I can’t lie, kind of made me feel good about myself, so, thank you.)
Busy Bee
The Freeway

Thanks for playing along with the “ask me a question” game. I will be answering them during the week.

39 thoughts on “Pictures While You Wait for Answers.

  1. amber

    Love them! Your eye is impressive, and effortless. I can’t wait for the day I can snap photos of my husband holding our little one, like you have. *sigh*

  2. Maria

    These are gorgeous, Y. Thank you for indulging me. (It was for me, right?)
    The last one and the highway shot are top notch.

  3. Kimberly

    Your pictures are Just. So. Good. I mean, look at that one up top with the bee! And the lines in that highway pic! They’re just fantastic. I wish I had your eye. I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m just flattering you…I’m very sincere. Keep up the great work!

  4. Jennifer

    I take just a few days away from reading blogs to spend some time with family and come back to find that I’m too late to ask a question and I’m not even allowed to tell you to not quit blogging! (shhhh)
    At least you left me some purdy pics to comment on. You have some mad photography skillz. Seriously, I especially love the traffic pic. Very cool.

  5. CATE

    Please tell me the shot of Gabby & Tony is being enlarged, framed, and given to him for Father’s Day. Fabulous shot, Y.

  6. Andrea

    Your pictures are always amazing. I tune in for the whole package b/c you are cool in lots of ways. Please don’t go away!

  7. catnip

    Absolutely gorgeous. I’m a photo editor for my living – so I know of whence I speak. There’s no question that these are publication quality. I hope, eventually, you can see your photography skills the way the rest of us do.

  8. mandy

    I promise, I am NOT saying this just to kiss butt, but ah, those are kind of spectacular. They totally look like pro shots.

  9. JenniferB

    You do take gorgeous pictures — I wish I had your know-how and/or a good camera, but for now I will live vicariously through good photography like yours. Thanks for sharing!

  10. chris

    your amazing eye is a gift which can not be taught! keep shooting, because you are absolutely wonderful.

  11. dana

    o my goodness gracious gertie…….those pictures are amazing……….you are my photog hero.

  12. Jakki

    Now THIS is my eye candy…okay maybe not totally but its ALMOST as good..LOVE the ocean view or the viewing of the ocean…possiblities are endless kinda feel to it.

  13. jules

    The last one looks like a painting . . .how do you DO that? Seriously-this is your calling Y. People would totally buy these. I would . .. . wish I lived in SoCal (well,no i don’t), but I would love a portrait of my daughter done by you.

  14. Michelle

    The pic of your son and daughter? Made me catch my breath! Very top-notch! You should be proud of yourself. Your children and your photography are breathtakingly beautiful!
    ummm .. ..not in a stalkerish way, kay? Promise!

  15. Susan Getgood

    I love the bee and the flowers and the highway is stupendous. But the picture that gets me the most is your husband and daughter. Just wonderful.
    It’s funny, I find that some of my fave pix of my son and husband are of the back of their heads too 🙂 Catching them doing something together when they aren’t aware that I’m shooting.

  16. dana michelle

    OK. Since nobody else has pointed this out yet:
    OMG!! Bees!!!!
    I am surprised (and pleased!) that you got close enough to a bee to take that lovely pic. Either you are getting over your fear, or you’ve got one helluva telephoto lens 8^}
    Seriously, these pics are all gorgeous and I concur with everyone else who says you’ve got a gift. Is that Tony or Andrew with Gabby?

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